The Catholic church/Venezuelan crisis, a new cold war and the Middle East

August 3, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring was joined by writer and political commentator Peter D Williams, Victoria Scott – Journalist and Editor-at-Large for Doha News and Premier Political Editor Martyn Eden.The panel look at the Venezuelan crisis as the Catholic church accuses the government of turning the country into a ‘military dictatorship’, following Sundays vote which gives the ruling socialists nearly unlimited power. They turn their attention to the United States’ standing and influence in the world and look at whether a new cold war is erupting with Russia. And with North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test coming close to Japan last week, they ask, how can the US contain Pyongang? In the second part of the show Brexit is on the agenda as well as the on-going migrant crisis. In the final part of the show they looking at the Middle East and the gulf – at the Yemen Crisis and the latest developments in the Qatar crisis.



Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 31 July

July 31, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring looks at the U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’ reassurance tour to Europe; the implications of Venezuelan President’s election victory; the toll of the migrant crisis on Italy; North & South Korea talks; politics in the Asia Pacific region, Africa & the Middle East.


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 24th July

July 24, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring looks at concerns of a slide into autocratic rule in Poland and Turkey; the upcoming anniversary of the murder of a French priest whilst saying Mass in France; Boris Johnson, and UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s trip to Australia and why Venezuela's Catholic bishops are praying for their beleaguered nation.


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 17th July

July 17, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring is back from her hols. She looks at the second formal round of Brexit negotiations that start today; Christian MP Stephen Timms' answer to the surge in acid attacks in the UK - and why India and Turkey are in the news this week. Plus she'll be looking at how the White House is turning the page on Russia and dedicating the week exclusively to President Trump's 'America First' agenda with 'Made in America Week'.


Middle East in crisis?

July 6, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring focusses on the Middle East with Church consultant Dr Harry Hagopian. She looks at the Arab states that have imposed a regional embargo on Qatar and the impact throughout the region. And a little later in the show she is in conversation with Reverend Bonnie Evans-Hills, the Diocesan Inter Faith Adviser for St Albans. She's an American, brought up a Methodist, who later became a Muslim when she lived in Iran some years ago and converted back to Christianity, is now working in interfaith relations for the Anglican Church. She's just returned from Iraq and talks with Lisa about the fight against Daesh in the Middle East


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 3rd July

July 3, 2017

Dave Rose sits in for Lisa and discusses a big week for Northern Ireland power sharing and border discussions, what the lack of immigrants to the UK means for public sector pay, how this week might look with President Trump’s latest travel ban, and what the German gay marriage vote might mean for Angela Merkel’s electoral hopes.


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 26th June

June 26, 2017

Nato defense ministers gather for talks in Brussels, in which last month Donald Trump berated allies for their 'chronic underfunding'; the latest round of trade talks between the EU and Mexico gets underway; DUP Leader Arlene Foster is in London to close a confidence and supply deal with the PM. Lisa Mainwaring is joined by Premier's Political Editor Martyn Eden to talk about the Week Ahead.


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 19th June

June 19, 2017

Brexit talks are still on course to start today despite a hung parliament and Lisa Mainwaring is joined by Premier's Political Editor Martyn Eden to talk about the Week Ahead.


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 12th June

June 12, 2017

On the Week Ahead on World Monthly Lisa Mainwaring is joined by Premier's Political Editor MARTYN EDEN and economist and former Joint head of the United Kingdom's government economic service VICKY PRYCE.

Lisa discusses Theresa May's new cabinet and asks:

  • what the DUP want in their quid-quo-pro negotiations to prop up the government and if a soft Brexit looks possible?
  • Will there be another general election in the next 12 months?
  • And if the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee will increase interest rates this month? And she looks at the impact on house princes and what the pound looks like vis a vis the Euro.

Plus, she also looks at the French parliamentary elections; unsanctioned rallies in Russia and the Queen celebrations for her official birthday in London.


Terrorism, cyber crime, the future of brand GB & Trump/Climate Change

June 2, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring looks at the aftermath of Manchester's suicide bombing; Europe's evolving terrorist landscape and how cyber crime is causing chaos and misdirection on the international stage. Plus as we go to the polls next week - she looks at 'brand GB' and asks what the future holds for the UK internationally and what the biggest threats are currently around the world including the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Guests this month on World Monthly:

ROSAMUND URWIN  - columnist on the London Evening Standard

Dr TOM SIMPSON -  Senior Research Fellow at Wadham College, and the University Lecturer in Philosophy and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Between degrees he served as an officer with the Royal Marines Commandos, with tours in Northern Ireland; Baghdad, Iraq; and Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

TAYO DADA Cyber Security Expert  - Industry expert on IT Security with a background in hacking.

Father ALEXANDER LUCIE SMITH  - a Catholic priest, doctor of moral theology and consulting editor of The Catholic Herald.