The Catholic church/Venezuelan crisis, a new cold war and the Middle East

August 3, 2017

Lisa Mainwaring was joined by writer and political commentator Peter D Williams, Victoria Scott – Journalist and Editor-at-Large for Doha News and Premier Political Editor Martyn Eden.The panel look at the Venezuelan crisis as the Catholic church accuses the government of turning the country into a ‘military dictatorship’, following Sundays vote which gives the ruling socialists nearly unlimited power. They turn their attention to the United States’ standing and influence in the world and look at whether a new cold war is erupting with Russia. And with North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test coming close to Japan last week, they ask, how can the US contain Pyongang? In the second part of the show Brexit is on the agenda as well as the on-going migrant crisis. In the final part of the show they looking at the Middle East and the gulf – at the Yemen Crisis and the latest developments in the Qatar crisis.



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