Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 22nd May

May 22, 2017

On the Week Ahead on World Monthly Lisa Mainwaring is joined by Catholic Commentator Joanna Bogle to discuss the Trump's trip to the Vatican this week and her thoughts of the former US President Obama joining Angela Merkel to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Reformation at the Kirchentag.


Week Ahead on World Monthly: w/c 15th May

May 15, 2017

The Week Ahead - And the world is bracing for more cyber attacks after the WannaCry attack swept across the world last week  paralysing hospitals, disrupting transport networks and immobilising businesses.  Emmanuel Macron visits Berlin a day after his inauguration as French president, a trip aimed at stressing the importance of the Paris-Berlin relationship. And Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will complete a two-day meeting with Donald Trump. Meanwhile the U.S. President begins his trip to Saudi Arabia later this week – then onto Israel, the Palestinian Authority and next week he'll meet the Pope for the first time on his visit to Italy - before heading to Belgium. And Iran goes to the polls.

Lisa Mainwaring speaks to cyber experts – OLLIE TAYLOR & TAYO DADA.


Jerry Falwell jr speaks out on why he supports Trump ahead of university visit

May 10, 2017

On Saturday Donald Trump will give his first commencement address as US president at Liberty University the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Junior at Lynchburg in Virginia.

Mr Falwell, son of the prominent late televangelist, was one of Mr Trump’s most vocal supporters among evangelical Protestant leaders during the 2016 campaign and spoke to Premier’s Lisa Mainwaring about his visit to the University this Saturday.


Untold misery of child brides in the Middle East

May 9, 2017

“Lisa Mainwaring speak to World Vision Afghanistan's National Director, Jim Alexander”.


World This week on World Monthly

May 8, 2017

On Sunday Emmanuel Macron takes the helm in France. What sort of president will he be? We get the latest on the blasphemy trial in Jakarta and we go live to the Holy Land to get an update on the Archbishop of Canterbury's tour. And students of one of the United States largest Christian universities are preparing for the arrival of President Trump this weekend. He'll give his first commencement address as US president at Liberty University - the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Jr at Lynchburg, Virginia. Earlier presidents have used commencement addresses on university campuses to make policy pronouncements. Will Trump do the same?


French election, war in Yemen, Pope & the Middle East, & UK General election

May 5, 2017

France goes to the polls on Sunday. It's between centrist Emmanuel Macron and far right candidate, Marine Le Pen. Le Pen, is a divorcé who considers herself a catholique de parvis (a Catholic just outside the walls). She doesn't oppose abortion, but is in favour of rolling back gay marriage and IVF for gay couples. Macron is a Jesuit-educated liberal who supports same-sex marriage and immigration. So how will French Christians vote in this election? The panel also discusses the war in Yemen, the rising tensions with North Korea and the United States, the Pope’s visit to Egypt and the main issues that our panel will be voting on in the UK elections.

Guests this month on World Monthly:

Dr ADRIAN PABST - Politics and International Relations lecturer at the University of Kent - twitter: @UniKentPolitics

WOYIN KAROWEI DORGU - Bishop of Woolwich

ANDY WALTON – Political commentator, Broadcaster & journalist for Christian Today - twitter: @waltonandy

JOANNA BOGGLE – Catholic Commentator and writer for the Catholic Herald

ANTOINE ARJAKOVSKY  - Historian, Research Director at the Collège des Bernardins, Paris



Turning back the page on climate change

April 6, 2017

Donald Trump orders his government to dismantle Obama's climate change policies to boost jobs - vows to cut foreign aid during the world's worst humanitarian crisis - and the US vows to take unilateral action against North Korea over its nuclear threat. Here in the UK Article 50 has been triggered - and Scotland wants to go it alone. And in Europe France goes to the polls - and there's concern that a win from far right leaders Marine Le Pen would send financial markets into turmoil. And we'll be looking at terrorism; was the attack in St. Petersburg a retaliation for Russia's efforts against the Islamic State in Syria?

The panelists this month are:

Vicky Pryce - economist and former Joint head of the United Kingdom's government economic service.

Dr James Orr - McDonald Postdoctoral Fellow in Theology, Ethics, and Public Life at Christ Church, University of Oxford

Simon Barrett - Terrorism Expert

Ben Niblett - Senior Campaigner from the Christian international development charity Tearfund


Future of the EU?

March 2, 2017

As the UK triggers article 50 this month to formally exit the EU and the Netherlands goes to the polls, Premier’s Lisa Mainwaring asks: “With three - possibly four Eurozone elections taking place this year, what is the future of the EU with Trump on one side and Putin on the other? What does it mean for the UK? And what is the role of Christianity in the future of Europe?’ 

The panel consisted of:

Nick Spencer - Director, Theos Think Tank – working in the area of religion, politics and society.

Phil Anderson - Author of ‘Nation in Transit – a manifest for post-Brexit Britain’, and local politician from South Essex.

Revd Peter Ould - Church of England priest, banking consultant, commentator and broadcaster.

Dr Adrian Pabst - Politics and International Relations lecturer at the University of Kent

Leon Meijer – Politician for a Christian party in the Netherlands.


Is Trump fulfilling God’s plan?

February 2, 2017

What does the Trump presidency mean for stability, peace and prosperity of the world? And how will his presidency impact Christians? Is Trump fulfilling God’s plan? If so how?

The panel consists of: Rev JENNIFER MILLS KNUTSEN - Senior Minister at the American International Church in London; PHILIP GARDNER - US Expert & blogger (PartyHardPolitics.com); Dr. ALAN STORKEY - Christian political commentator/activist, economist, sociologist and author & former US politics lecturer & Dr. JAN HALPER – a Republican & part of the Trump transition team and PASTOR MARK BURNS - American Evangelical Christian pastor of Harvest Praise & Worship Center in South Carolina & Trump advisor.